5 proven strategies on how to save money when buying electronics and tech gadgets.

Electronics are nowadays becoming essential commodities in such a manner that many find it hard to live without them. As a matter of fact there is no home with electricity without a single electronic gadget. However, they are sometimes costly that you have to take a loan to purchase one. The good news is that if you play smart, you can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and never borrow to buy electronics or tech gadgets. Here are 5 proven strategies on how to save money when buying electronics and tech gadgets.

     1. Timing

One of the smartest and most effective money and time saving strategy when buying electronics, is perfect timing. If you want to get the best deals and make huge savings, be on the watch for special deal days like Black FridayCyber Monday, company anniversaries,  Amazon Prime Day, holidays and many more.  Months like January, March and September are the best months to buy TVs, digital cameras and phones.

    2. Online Shopping and Price Comparison

Did you know that online shopping can help you discover massive discounts that youll never find them anywhere else? You can search for electronics sale or offers and find some either from the vendors themselves or third party websites. For instance Comphomart has a page dedicated to display electronics and computer offers from various vendors

3. Coupon Codes and Discount Sign ups

Knowing where and when to get coupon codes and discount can really save you good money. You can search the internet for promotional coupon codes and websites that allow consumers to sign up for promotions and discounts. For instance Amazon has a coupons page where you can get discounts.

4. Buy Older Models or Refurbished Ones

Are you aware that the latest version of most devices is always expensive? Yes, that is the plain truth and therefore, consumers have to dig deep into their pockets. A good example is iPhone whose prices of older models normally go down once a new model is released into the market. Therefore buying last season's model could save you up to 50 percent over today's talk of the month.

Buying refurbished electronics or computers from reputable vendors is a great way of saving money. Few years ago, we bought two laptops (one refurbished and a new one). The price of the new laptop was almost thrice the price of the refurbished one. To my surprise, the new laptop failed to work after few days while the refurbished one has never failed even for a single moment, and is operational till today.

    5. Buy Floor Models.

These are items which are on display for customers to view before they make a decision on whether to buy or not. Normally, these goods are sold at discounted prices. Remember to check thoroughly if the product is in good condition. You can also consider buying “open box products” at lower prices.


Note that timing and playing smart will help you achieve your target. Remember to check the vendor's reviews, return policy and warranty.

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