Smart Use of Tech Gadgets (Tips To Help You Boost Your Memory)

In our world today, we are blessed to have tech gadgets to make our work easier. We reach our beloved ones easily from far and near, we make money transfers conveniently and store junks of information in the devices among many other benefits. However, we must pause and learn that over depending on these gadgets can hurt our memory. Over-dependence on the gadgets can result in detrimental effects to our memory?

Here are a 5 suggested ways to retain our memory reserves:

1. “Gadgets Break”

Take a "casual" gadget break and do without tech gadgets for few hours if not days.  Don’t over depend on the gadgets for every little information you need. Instead, think. Thinking makes our memory active.

2.  “Mental Exercise”

Try to memorize information like verses daily to keep your memory active. Take some quizzes be it language, simple mathematics or any field that you are comfortable with. This will help you keep your brain sharp and alert.

3.  Physical Exercise

Mental exercise is not enough to help you stay sharp and alert! Therefore physical exercise is vital. Taking aerobics exercise helps increase oxygen to your brain and reduces the risk for disorders that lead to memory loss, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Good physical exercise routine enhances the effects of helpful brain chemicals and reduces stress hormones. Use your gadgets to search for good physical exercises tips.

4.  Memory Boosting Foods

Just as the car engine needs fuel, so does the brain sine its part of our body. Eat healthy foods that help boost your memory. Here are foods are known to help boost memory; omega-3 fatty acid, rosemary, strawberries and turmeric among other foods.

5.  Make Time for Friends and Family

May be you are wondering how making time for friends and family can boost memory. Now let’s relate, most people spend time on TVs, laptops mostly on social media and phone chatting on WhatsApp and the rest. They forget that they belong to a community and in this case not online community. Hang out with friends/family, have fun, laugh and share your experiences or problems are that are going through. In fact research shows that a life full of fun and friends comes with huge cognitive benefits.

Note: Your memory is very crucial; therefore ensure that you are using your smart gadgets smartly for a healthy memory.